Upcoming Women in (Re)Insurance event in Miami on November 13, 2018


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5th Miami Latin American Claims (Re)Insurance Forum

Three days of in-depth discussion on current topical issues and trends of the (Re)insurance market, with (re)insurers experts and top industry speakers.

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Kennedys CMK and QLDG are pleased to announce the 5th edition of the annual Miami / Latin American Claims (Re) Insurance Forum, the event of choice of the insurance industry in the region. It will be held in Miami from June 11th (Evening Cocktail) to June 14th 2019, at the Conrad Miami hotel.

As in previous years, the Forum will bring together key International and Latin American industry experts who will be analyzing top claims issues and developments in Latin America & the Caribbean. Topics and case studies are carefully chosen based on current affairs and the feedback received by professionals from the (re)insurance industry.

WHEN: June 11th – 14th, 2019

WHERE: Conrad Miami Hotel. 1395 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL 33131

You can check the Preliminary Program HERE

Thank you to our confirmed sponsors Advanta, Envista Forensics, J.S. Held, Rimac, Sedgwick and the Welcome cocktail sponsor Ábaco International Loss Adjusters for their support.

This is an exclusive event, attendance is by invitation only, as places are limited. Registration is already open.
TO REGISTER CLICK HERE using the code: FORUM2019
The code is case sensitive.

Sept 25 Sponsors ALL

For additional sponsorship and speaker opportunities please contact us:

Alex Guillamont: alex.guillamont@kennedyscmk.com
Juan E. Lopez-Santini: jlopez@qldg.com
Hilda Welcker: hilda.welcker@kennedyscmk.com

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Upcoming Insurance Free Seminar in Miami: How do we understand General Average?

24152409 - container ship awreck on the beach

The law of general average is a legal principle of maritime law according to which all parties in a sea venture proportionally share any losses resulting from a voluntary sacrifice of part of the ship or cargo to save the whole in an emergency (for instance, when the crew throws some cargo overboard to lighten the ship in a storm). General Averages are greatly misunderstood and complicated to adjust. This presentation will provide some clarity into this interesting subject.

Please join us in congratulating Mr. McQuattie for his 44 years in the insurance industry and his 25th Anniversary at AIG!

R McQuattie picRicardo McQuattie
Mr. McQuattie is SVP Marine Claims for the US and Canada at AIG since 2016. A born and raised Venezuelan, he started his insurance career in Caracas with Seguros Orinoco, in 1974 as an apprentice in the marine underwriting department. In 1976 he moves to Seguros American International where he became manager of the home foreign department, which provided service to multinational accounts and thereafter became an assistant branch manager.
In 1983 he worked as production manager and then vice president at Orcoseca, an insurance brokerage firm.  In 1986 he joined a loss adjusting company, Toplis and Harding de Venezuela, where he became a marine loss adjuster and then specialized in aviation adjusting, becoming Lloyd’s Aviation Department’s agent for Venezuela. In 1993 he was called by American International Underwriters in order to take charge of the regional marine claims office for the Latin American division.
In November of 2005 he was transferred to Guam as General Manager of Guam Insurance Adjusters, Inc., claims entity for the MGA operation. Territory included Guam, Northern Marianas Commonwealth, Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Is. He stayed in Guam until December of 2008. In January 2009 he was transferred to US as Vice President Marine Claims for Chartis International with additional responsibilities as Regional Marine Claims Manager to the Latin America Region. In 2013 additional responsibilities are given to him to include Managing Specialty claims (Aerospace, Marine, Trade Credit and Surety).

Date: October 9th , 2018


5:15 pm Registration

5.30 pm Conference

6:00 pm Informal discussion

6:15 pm Networking

Where: Malbec Room of Novecento 1414 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Registration deadline: October 8th, 2018 at 1:00PM. Only 40 available tickets.

To register, please send an email to: hilda.welcker@kennedyscmk.com

Casual attire. Cost for this event: Free


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Upcoming Miami Free Seminar: Regional Issues with BI: Does the Mexican Form Lead to a Windfall? & Potential Savings in “Continuing Costs”?

broken chain 48361975_l

During our decades of experience in Latin America we have identified many areas where regional use and custom do not follow the overall approach of the market in general.
In this opportunity we want to introduce and discuss two of those areas; the Mexican Business Interruption form and whether it results in the proper indemnity of the actual loss suffered and, how some continuing costs could actually become savings potentially leading to a windfall. It is important for insurers and adjusters to be aware of these variances when presented with underwriting opportunities and with adjusting assignments.

Date: August 28th, 2018


5:15 pm Registration

5.30 pm Conference

6:00 pm Informal discussion

6:15 pm Networking

Where: Malbec Room of Novecento 1414 Brickell Ave, MIAMI, FL 33131

Registration deadline: August 27th, 2018 at 1:00PM. Only 40 available tickets.

To register, please send an email to: hilda.welcker@kennedyscmk.com

Casual attire. Cost for this event: Free

The discussion will be presented by Juan E. López-Santini and Marcos R. López from QLDG Forensic Accountants.

Juan E. López-Santini

Juan Lopez qldg

During the past three decades, Juan E. López-Santini has participated in thousands of damage valuation, business interruption and litigation support engagements and has also presented expert witness testimony in international tribunals. His expertise in the fields of forensic accounting and analysis, damage assessment, and technical insurance issues is recognized by legal and technical insurance experts alike.
He is a founding partner of QLDG and a prominent expert and leading voice in the valuation of damages and business interruption in the power generation, mining and oil industries.
His passion for prompt, accurate, relevant, and independent analysis is reflected in his vast body of work and is well known throughout the industry in the United States, Latin American, and the Caribbean. His expertise extends to individual and/or catastrophic events, expert witness testimony in international disputes, and complex financial losses. He has been invited to share his knowledge and experience in international insurance seminars across the region.

Marcos R. López


Marcos R. López is a manager at QLDG where he has worked since 2006. He primarily attends instructions in the Latin-America region, additionally handling instructions on matters located in North America, Europe and other international markets as well.
Prior to joining QLDG, he had experience in investigative accounting, transaction tracing, supporting federal criminal investigations and reporting, evidence handling, federal & state regulatory compliance audits as well as securing, duplicating, indexing, searching and extracting data and evidence from computer systems.
Since joining QLDG he has gained experience in the review and analysis of time element insurance claims, inventory losses, overall valuation of damages, and international litigation and dispute resolutions. He has excelled in the analysis of large & complex claims, detailed modeling and calculation of lost earnings, breach of contracts and international treaties, and damage projections for presentation to tribunals.

About QLDG
QLDG is an Accounting Firm, which specializes in forensic and claims accounting and related litigation support services. Our forensic analysis services are geared towards the complex financial matters encountered by Insurance Companies and Legal Professionals the world over. All of our partners have over 30-years of experience exclusively on the forensic and claims accounting field.



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Save the date: 2019 Miami Latin American Claims (Re)Insurance Forum!

Forum2019_header_blog-03 logos BLACK

Kennedys CMK and QLDG are pleased to announce the dates of the 5th Miami Latin American Claims (Re)Insurance Forum, the event of choice for the insurance industry in the region. For three days key International and Latin American industry experts will analyze top claims issues, trends, and developments in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Topics and case studies are carefully chosen based on current affairs and the feedback received by professionals from the (re)insurance industry. It also represent an excellent opportunity for networking with top industry professionals, in the past edition we had 187 participants from 15 different countries in Europe, Latin America, and the US.

Don´t forget to mark your calendar: June 11th – 14th 2019

More information and registration details to come.


Juan E. Lopez-Santini: jlopez@qldg.com

Alex Guillamont: alex.guillamont@kennedyscmk.com

Hilda Welcker: hilda.welcker@kennedyscmk.com

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Beware the palizada: lessor known construction catastrophes


We are all familiar with the more common named risks that construction all risk policies may cover on construction sites – such as fires, floods, strikes and “acts of god” – and also with more catastrophic risks that could arise – such as hurricanes, earthquakes and el niño’s – which may constitute a “sudden and unforeseeable” event which attracts cover. However, have you heard of the phenomenon of “palizadas”? If you are underwriting any construction projects on rivers or their banks, especially bridges, you should become familiar with these.

Palizada I hear you say?

First of all, what is a “palizada” in this context? There is no confirmed definition of this term, and we are not referring to a town in Mexico of the same name. The Spanish word “palizada” is best described as “large tree debris” or “pile of driftwood” and it has the potential to gain speed as it travels along rivers and tears down construction projects, such as bridges. In fact, the Mississippi River was once called the “Rio de La Palizada”, which gives us a clue that whilst the term “palizada” is Spanish and is a common problem in the Amazon (especially in Brazil and Bolivia), other rivers around the world also need to consider this risk where there is a history of tree debris choking the river.

Should the policy provide cover?

It all comes back to those key words, was the loss from the palizada “accidental, sudden and unforeseen”? We have been involved in cases where bridges in construction (including temporary bridges) have been torn down and claims for coverage made under the policy. In such cases, the foreseeability of the loss is a question of fact. Whilst there is no reported statistical data on the frequency or severity of palizada related losses to allow policies to manage the risk with the use of return periods, they are a known phenomenon on certain rivers and as such we would suggest that they are most often foreseeable risks even although by their nature the accumulation of the debris is random and unpredictable.

In one such case in Bolivia, there were several key factors which demonstrated that the loss of the bridge was foreseeable:

  • It had happened only months before on a section of the river close to   where this loss occurred and was known to the insured.
  • The construction proposals referred to the risk of palizadas.
  • The insured (a foreign contractor) had been informed by locals to take extra precautions with construction during the wet season when the risk of palizada was at its peak (the original schedule tried to accommodate this but with delays they pushed on in the wet season only to lose the structure to a palizada).
  • The insured had opted to use a cleaning system in an attempt to avoid the risk of damage but could not support their justification for this method and had failed to operate an early warning system.

Is it damage or is it defective design?

Whilst there is no specific mention of allowance for the load effects of palizadas in design codes dealing with bridge designs (AASHTO, Bolivian Codes, Eurocodes) more consideration needs to be given to the design of the structures being built:

  • The width between piles needs to be sufficient
  • The trestles need to be designed for the possible loads
  • The height of the structure
  • Whether barges can be used in lieu of temporary bridge structures.

As such, consideration as to whether the design failed to address the risk and might be excluded to some extent where the policy contains design exclusions is required.

Final food for thought

These catastrophes pose an interesting question on how underwriters need well informed engineers/construction experts to determine how the projects are being undertaken before underwriting the risk; and this applies to any construction project. We recognise that this can be a commercial challenge as the time given to insurers to assess the risk can be very limited when considering the volume of construction proposals. Furthermore, insurers may want to consider more monitoring of construction projects to ensure that their risks are not being increased by the method of construction used.

In all cases we have seen, there was a lack of consideration of this local phenomenon – perhaps due to foreign contractors, unfamiliar with the location of the project, and attempting to apply methods that worked for them elsewhere and/or cost cutting exercises – and the design did not consider the risk, especially when temporary structures were considered. In Latin America in particular, it raises the important question of the extent to which professional indemnity insurance needs to be more prevalent in the region and might capture these losses where a construction all risks policy may not.

By Anna Weiss, Head of Construction for Latin America and Caribbean at Kennedys CMK. anna.weiss@kennedyscmk.com




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Upcoming Women in (Re)insurance networking event in Miami

women in reinsurance post july 2018

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