TransRe´s Carlos Davis and Víctor Mora participated as speakers in the 2017 Miami | Latin American Claims (Re) Insurance Forum

Carlos Davis, Vice President of Claims was part of the panel: Complex property damage and time element scenario “The Perfect Storm”. Loss mitigation, overlapping incidents, wording issues, extraordinary circumstances.

Víctor Mora, Vice President of Surety and Credit participated in the conference Surety implications of constructions projects gone wrongdifferent type of bonds, reality of on demand bonds, difficulties of assessing ALOP, and pursuing recovery.

Carlos Davis was part of an expert panel on the second day of the Forum: “The Perfect Storm” that focused on the damages caused by weather conditions where speakers discussed a complex power generation loss in Colombia and its extraordinary circumstances, and showcased efficient and proactive practices that resulted in finding the best possible solution. Carlos Davis enriched the discussion from the claims perspective with his knowledge and vast experience, adopting this time the viewpoint of reinsurers.

Day2-20-X2 Perfect Storm

On the third day of the Forum, Victor Mora co-presented a comprehensive analysis of line 12 of Mexico City’s subway from the underwriting perspective comparing the pros and cons of both surety bond and seguro de caución cover.

Day3-126-X3 Surety Panel

The Miami I Latin America Claims (Re) Insurance Forum was held in Miami from May 15th to May 18th, and covered subjects and aspects relevant to the industry, from a practical perspective, as well as the most recent and significant developments and updates based on studies and real-life cases.

TransRe has been a proud sponsor of the Forum for the last two years.

About TransRe

Trans Re

TransRe is a leading international reinsurance organization headquartered in New York with operations worldwide; offering reinsurance capacity on both a treaty and facultative basis.

TransRe have built their business on the principles of capacity, reliability, expertise, and creativity to deliver the risk transfer solutions you need to support your business. TransRe will work closely with you, listening and asking to understand your strategic objectives, and will offer you the full spectrum of property and casualty products, services, and support to help you grow and succeed. TransRe have dedicated teams of local professionals near you and they build relationships based on the fundamental promise that they will be there when needed. TransRe have the ability and the willingness to pay your claims. TransRe value risk.





About Insurance Professionals Miami

Insurance Professionals Meetings in Miami is an insurance and reinsurance forum useful for professionals of the insurance sector and to share experiences, knowledge and expertise.
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