Pictures and a brief note on the recently held “Particularities in Losses in the Oil and Gas Industry”

Recognized as a global industry holding its very own language, and one of the most dangerous operation sectors, the Oil and Gas Industry represents a unique and particular market. Being acquainted with its culture, therefore represents an acute element in the precise valuation of losses extent and coverage. Keeping this in mind, this past June 28, Novecento Brickell hosted within the “Insurance Professionals Miami” discussions framework, a seminar on this industry’s traits, presented by José Varela, Advanta Miami’s Office Director. Some of the topics discussed related to the general characteristics of Oilfield Operations, moreover, digging dipper into the upstream and downstream aspects of this distinctive Industry.

advanta 2

“Perils during drilling and workover operations”, “Assessment of environmental damage due to hydrocarbon oil spills”, and “Main characteristics of Relief Wells for an optimal use, subsequent to the well control process” were some of the themes that arose most interest in this session’s distinguished audience.

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