Photos. Miami Seminar: The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Analysis in Claims Management

Carlos A. Rivera, managing partner of RGL’s recently launched Miami office, presented on the topic of The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Analysis in Claims Management.  Mr. Rivera is accredited with designations in Nonverbal Communications and has researched & studied the topic for over 14 years.  Carlos has written over 70,000 words on Nonverbal Communication as a result of his research.

During the presentation, Carlos elaborated on the science behind nonverbal communication.  Nonverbal communication stems from the limbic brain (Paleomammilian brain) which has evolved over the course of approximately 5 million years.  The limbic brain regulates emotions & behaviours and is ingrained into human beings.  The limbic brain is known as the “honest” brain due to the fact that it reacts immediately and instinctually manifesting in the form of nonverbal behaviour, it is outside of our control.  Oftentimes in conflict with the Neocortex (“New Brain”), which receives stimulation, analyses and then chooses to respond accordingly learning to determine asynchrony between both becomes key in nonverbal communication.

As it pertains to the insurance industry and resulting from the increase use of technology (leading to disassociation) Carlos discussed that being able to distinguish between cultural and universal cues will maximize effective communication and interpersonal connection between individuals during the limited time spent face-to-face with clients, insurers, adjusters, experts or for general business development.  Moreover, with the help of accurately interpreting nonverbal cues one can also narrow their focus of analysis on the pertinent subject-matters perceived.

Additionally, Carlos reviewed Joe Navarro’s 10 Commandments of Nonverbal Communication and further focused on emphasizing the importance of baseline behaviour and comfort/discomfort cues.

Finally, Carlos presented various highly accurate nonverbal cues one should actively observe during communication in order to precisely interpret comfort/discomfort cues during any interaction.

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