Kennedys Americas participates in the C5 25th Forum D&O in London

D&O Londres Kennedys

This conference comes at a critical time where the challenges facing D&O liability insurers are greater than ever. Bringing together a senior level audience of leading D&O liability insurers, reinsurers, top insurance brokers, risk managers and the most highly regarded lawyers in this area.

Alex Guillamont, Head of Latin America Practice at Kennedys Americas moderates the roundtable Latin America and “Foreign Corrupt Practice Issues”. Topics are:

  • The price of rapid development: understanding internal governance structures, legal systems, and regulation
  • Assessing the regulatory environment
  • What can be recovered under a D&O policy?
  • Sectors in which D&O’s are particularly exposed to bribery and corruption risks
  • Case Study Petrobras:
  • D&O Insurance market in Brazil: claims in Brazil impacting the market
  • What D&O claims have arisen and are likely to occur?
  • Lessons learnt: is Brazil the only country facing such risks?
  • Can this happen somewhere else?
  • Implications on personal liability insurance:
  • How far does coverage go?
  • What does it need to cover to deal with the current risk environment?


In addition, Andrés Ávila, associate lawyer qualified in Colombia participates in the session: “Cyber Claims and Quantification of Damages”. Topics are:

  • What is the current landscape for cyber insurance claims?
  • What costs and expenses can be expected if a company experiences a cyber breach?
  • How expensive can a cyber claim be?
  • What lessons can companies learn from breaches to date?
  • Recent case studies including TalkTalk and Ashley Madison

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