Next Miami seminar: From exploding pressure vessels in Puerto Rico and warehouse fires in Santo Domingo to oil spills in the Amazon: Lessons learned in root cause analysis and environmental response and remediation


Determining the root cause or causes of losses is a task that is often complex and requires the expertise of many engineering disciplines, such as materials, mechanics, thermal and fluid mechanics engineering. Indeed, failures don’t come with labels indicating what kinds of engineers and scientists should work on them, or the apparent “labels” may be misleading. The leader of a failure analysis investigation must ensure that the right expertise is being applied to the problem, and that the analysis moves from the various specialties back to the “big picture” so adjusters and insurers can make the appropriate decisions. Several case histories, from failures large and small, will illustrate this point.”

When failures result in the need for environmental response and remediation, the insured’s technical capacity and experience are an important driver of costs, and these become even more important in remote and socially and ecologically sensitive areas. Response and remediation costs can quickly spiral out of control due to a range of factors including poor advance planning and preparation, lack of an adequate labor pool, and difficult access to incident sites. In this portion of the seminar, we will present a case study to illustrate how things can go wrong as well as how to identify early warning signs that can help insurers assess risk as well as help adjusters assess claims.

Date: 19 th January 2016


5:15 pm Registration

5.30 pm Conference

6:00 Informal discussion

6:15 Networking

Where: Malbec Room of Novecento 1414 Brickell Ave, FL 33131

Registration deadline: January 18 th at 1:00PM. Only 40 available tickets.

To register, please send an email to:

Also by LinkedIn:  View David Roig’s profile

Cost for this event: Free

Casual attire


Speaker bios:

Juan_RamirezDr. Juan Ramirez is a Managing Engineer at Exponent with almost 20 years of experience performing scientific investigations of fires and explosions in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. His past work has included investigations involving industrial systems including gas-fired grain dryers, furnaces, compressors, refrigeration and cryogenic systems, grain elevators, heat exchangers, boilers, pumps, and conveyors. Additionally, he has experience with dust fires and explosions. Dr. Ramirez has conducted fire and explosion investigations in The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico, and is a native Spanish speaker.


Pieter-BoothMr. Pieter Booth is a Principal Scientist in Exponent’s EcoSciences practice with 29 years of experience as an environmental scientist and program manager specializing in environmental toxicology and risk assessment, environmental damages assessment, and restoration of natural systems.  He has conducted environmental audits in support of insurers regarding emergency response and cleanup and environmental restoration in Peru and Ecuador and has worked on projects in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guyana, Panama, Ecuador, and Peru.  Mr. Booth is a native Spanish speaker.


Exponent is well respected and regarded for its independent and scientifically-sound research and analysis. For nearly 50 years we have provided engineering, scientific, environmental and health consulting services to corporations, insurance carriers, government agencies, law firms and individuals. The firm has been best known for analyzing accidents and failures to determine their causes, but in recent years it has become more active in assisting clients with human health, environmental, engineering and regulatory issues associated with new products or processes to help prevent problems in the future.

Our multidisciplinary organization of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants brings together more than 90 technical disciplines to address complicated issues facing industry and government today. We employ the best and the brightest from the major academic institutions around the world as well as technical specialists from a variety of industries. Over 50% of our staff hold a PhD or MD in their chosen field of study.  Exponent operates an office in Miami as well as 25 other offices in the US, the EU and the Far East.


About Insurance Professionals Miami

Insurance Professionals Meetings in Miami is an insurance and reinsurance forum useful for professionals of the insurance sector and to share experiences, knowledge and expertise.
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