Summing up the seminar: “Depreciation on Time Element Claims. Perspectives for Claims and Underwriting Professionals” by QLDG

In front of a terrific turnout Marcos López initiated a discussion centered around the topic of Depreciation and the significant impact it can have on the claims review process and exposure to underwriters.

The attendees contributed their thoughts and comments while offering their perspective and experiences on the topic.

Questions such as how the tax implications of depreciation should be handled in a Business Interruption Review added to the informative debate that followed.

Insurance Professionals QLDG Miami

Mr. Marcos R. López, CPA at Quintana, López, Donoghue & González, LLP

“It was wonderful seeing everyone that attended the forum, I appreciate the intriguing exchange of ideas and the interesting and engaging debate that followed.

Seeing how something as simple as depreciation has affected different industry professionals from adjusters to underwriters and beyond was definitely insightful.” Marcos López said.

QLDG Forensic Accountants Latin America

Marcos López, Juan López-Santini y Roberto Quintana

Insurance Professionals QLDG Miami 4Insurance Professionals Miami

Insurance Professionals QLDG Miami 2

QLDG Gears

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