vrs adjusters US partner proud sponsor of the New York Power Conference 2015


New York Power Conference 2015
Thursday, May 14, 2015

vrs adjusters US partner is a proud sponsor of the New York Power Conference 2015. The event is an annual event held in the financial district of Manhattan that brings together insurance professionals for one day of continuing education:  www.nypowercon.com

The conference brings new and exciting speakers each year, focusing on cutting edge issues the power industry faces. With an ever-changing world, NY PowerCon is an energizing educational opportunity for insurance professionals to gain the knowledge necessary to handle these dynamic and complex claims. 7 hours Continuing Education is anticipated from NY, TX, FL, MA, IN, & GA.

About vrs loss adjusters

The international group vrs>>adjusters is an adjusters’ network with more than 450 offices in 140 countries in the five continents.

The mission of vrs loss adjusters is to provide the very best independent loss adjusting and claims management services to the global insurance market and deliver tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to their clients’ complex risk management issues.

vrs loss adjusters can handle claims anywhere in the world. Vrs’ experts are highly regarded for their experience and expertise.


About Insurance Professionals Miami

Insurance Professionals Meetings in Miami is an insurance and reinsurance forum useful for professionals of the insurance sector and to share experiences, knowledge and expertise.
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