Kennedys Latin America participates in the 3rd U.S. Conference on Tackling Kidnapping, Hostage-taking and Hijack

The 3rd U.S. Version  of  Tackling Kidnapping,  Hostage-taking and Hijack will be held on March 4th and  5th  2015 following a successful run in Miami, Houston and London during 2014.

Alex Guillamont, Kennedys Latin America Director and Andrés Ávila, associate, will walk the audience through the new trends and developments of K&R insurance policies being offered to insurers in Latin America. This includes a real case study, heads of cover, standard exclusions and related topics to the product.

Alex Guillamont, Kennedys Latin America Director

Alex Guillamont, Kennedys Latin America Director

Andres Avila

Andrés Ávila, Kennedys Latin America Associate

The conference is chaired by Martin Barye-Garcia, Regional Security Director, Latin America, Mars. Featuring roundtable discussions, focused plenary sessions and an evening drinks reception, this international conference will  once again welcome delegates to the historic Biltmore Hotel  in Miami for 2 days of networking and debate.

Kenendys Latin America insurance Law Firm

Kenendys Latin America insurance Law Firm

Risk Map 2015

Designed to facilitate networking, debate and learning, the conference will be aimed primarily at Risk Managers for multinational corporates, Oil and Energy companies, affinity brand managers for high-net worth service providers, Security companies and Close Protection Providers, Academics and Researchers in the field of security and criminology and NGOs and Charities that specialise in Kidnap prevention and rehabilitation.

The full conference programme can be seen here:

Full list of conference speakers:

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