Management of Oil Spill Response Costs: Reactive and Proactive Strategies and Case Studies for Risk Control

Date: 27th June 2013

Time: 5:00 pm registration. 5.15 pm Conference/Presentation. 5.45. Informal discussion 6.15 Networking.

Where: Malbec Room of Novecento 1414 Brickell Ave, FL 33131


Mr. Pieter N. Booth


Mr. Booth has 28 years of experience as an environmental scientist and program manager specializing in ecotoxicology and risk assessment, natural resource damage assessment (NRDA), and restoration of natural systems. Mr. Booth has directed many complex multidisciplinary projects to assess ecological risks and impacts from releases of hazardous substances, including oil. He has directed and participated in environmental and social due diligence audits as required by multilateral banks for a variety of projects in the energy, transportation, and natural resources sectors. He has also served as consulting expert for issues related to exposure and ecological effects and developed expert reports for review by the International Court of Justice. He is also nationally recognized for his NRDA work, particularly his role providing technical support to industry clients during restoration-based settlement negotiations. He has fulfilled this role for several of the largest NRDA cases in the country, including Saginaw River and Bay, Lake Hartwell/Twelvemile Creek, St. Lawrence River, and Tittabawassee River. In these roles, he has provided technical support to legal teams in the development of case strategy and in the supervision and preparation of materials for litigation support under CERCLA, RCRA, the Clean Water Act, and the regulatory programs of various states.

Mr. Booth has a particularly strong background in managing and directing evaluations of the potential impacts of PCBs and metals on fish, birds, and mammals; ecological risks posed by sediment contamination; and options for sediment management. Mr. Booth has developed and managed a corporate program for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, to implement risk assessment guidance for program managers in the remediation group and provide site-specific ecological risk assessments at numerous sites nationwide.

For other industrial clients, Mr. Booth has assisted in developing overall strategies for environmental issues, designing site-specific assessments, and negotiating risk-based response actions with state and federal agencies. In addition, he has supervised the study design, collection, and analysis of environmental data and the development of PC- and web-based data management, analysis, and visualization tools. Mr. Booth has led numerous projects directed at the characterization and remediation of contaminated sediments in the United States and South America, and he has helped to create guidance and policy for regional sediment management programs in Puget Sound and San Francisco Bay.

Mr. Pablo Garzon Ortiz from Exponent, Inc. and Hidrospill, S.A.S.

Ingeniero electronico especializado en Hazmat; en la universidad A&M, texas EEUU ; con más de 10 años de experiencia en la Industria petrolera desempeñando los cargos de Ingeniero residente de operaciones Hazamt, Profesional de Seguridad Industrial, Supervisor e Interventor en derrames de hidroscarburos y Coordinador de HSEQ en actividades de MANTENIMIENTO DE OLEODUCTOS, CONSTRUCCION DE OLEODUCTOS-GASODUCTOS-POLIDUCTOS-LINEAS DE FLUJO, MONTAJES PARA FACILIDADES DE PRODUCCION, PERFORACION DE POZOS PETROLIFEROS Y GASIFEROS, ACTIVIDAES DE VARILLEO Y WORCOVER, PRODUCCION Y MANTENIMIENTO DE CAMPOS PETROLEROS, REFINERIA DE HIDROCARBUROS Y TRANSPORTE DE CRUDO, TRABAJOS MULTIDISPLINARIOS DE INVESTIGACION Y CONSULTORIAS SOBRE SALUD OCUPACIONAL EN REFINERIA Y CAMPOS DE PRODUCCION. He Participado en más de 1000 eventos por derrames de hidrocarburos en cuerpos de agua de altas, medias y bajas corrientes, aguas continentales, bahia y aguas maritimas y en tierra, descontaminación y remediación de áreas afectadas por derrames de crudo, planeación y coordinación de combates de emergencias por Derrames de Hidrocarburos. Preparación y entrenamiento de más de un millar de personas en Control y Manejo de Emergencias por Derrames de Hidrocarburos en aguas continentales y en tierra.


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